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My name is Vishwajeet Singh RanaI am working as a Freelance developer and trainer for more than 8 years. I love my work as a developer and trainer which keep flourishing my technical capability. I develop projects, and also provide training on different technologies like (Embedded system Programming, Micro-controller and Microprocessor Programming, Robotics, MATLAB, Machine learning, Android App Development, Image processing etc..) and many other things for my clients. I am a quick learner have promptly learned the tricks and secrets of this trend. My expertise as follows, 
1. IoT - Connected Edge Devices [Wired/Wireless using C/C++]
2. Gateway Application Development [Node.js, Python, Java]
3. IoT & Cloud Data Streaming, Messgaing 
[MQTT, Web Socket, UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, REST, Spark Streaming, Kafka, AMPQ, RabbitMQ]
4. IoT- Stream Analytics, Live and Current Data Analytics, Visualization, Machine Learning

Specialties: IoT, IIoT, M2M Web | Mobile | Desktop SCADA, Device Applications Industrial Sensors, Data Acquisition Cloud,Product Development

1. IoT Workshop, train professionals and students on weekends 
2. Intel Software Innovator for IoT
3. BLRIoT: Volunteer, 9000+ members on meetup

• Acquired more than 4 years of experience in Embedded Systems, Android Application Design and Development and Training

• Specialized in Firmware Development for 8/32-bit microcontrollers, peripherals.
• Sound knowledge of programming in Embedded C, Arduino, ARM 32/64-bit, JAVA, Python
• Experience in Embedded Software Development.
• Good understanding of Embedded Software design and development.
• Having good experience in the Integration testing and individual module testing, board level debugging, analyzing design issues, on board testing.
• Good knowledge in debugging the synthesis issues.

Knowledge shelf is a Open Source and friendly platform for sharing the knowledge about open source technologies, like Python, R, Arduino, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, raspberry Pi etc.. We believe in endless possibilities of the future. In this blog, on the daily basis we are going to provide you free guidance to start with new technologies, specially in open source areas.

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